undefined My company is the production of ultrasonic cleaning machine professional firms, after nearly 20 years of relentless pursuit and explore, cultivate and foster a batch of set development, design, manufacturing technology, which integrates a high-quality technical personnel and marketing team. The companies introduce advanced foreign technology, process, use of the United States, Japan and the European world-renowned manufacturers of components, thereby upgrade products. Strong technical strength, advanced equipment and scientific management of product quality assurance. My company in the production of standardized products, design and development to a variety of different frequencies, different power, applied to different sectors of semi-automatic, fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning line.

"The Viagra" brand ultrasound product line is widely used in electronics, machinery, automobiles, electroplating, chemical fiber, optical, the bearings industry. In recent years my company has products for magnetic East Group Zhejiang, Guangdong Jiangmen powder metallurgy plants, the Shanghai Institute of Computer, Zhejiang Heaven, Wuxi Granville Rover Group, the FAW Group, Zhejiang Yuhuan double Friends Machinery Co. Ltd., Yizheng Chemical Fiber, Kay US special functional ceramics Limited, the resistance Hai - Kang special optics, a high optical Danyang, bearing factory in Suzhou, Ningbo greater Group, Anhui and other large manufacturers of electronic widespread use, the customer is to win a good reputation. The Company will, as always, high quality products, reasonable prices and attentive after-sales service, warm and sincere cooperation with the old and new customers.